Afternoon Science

The Afternoon Science program is designed to offer homeschool students an opportunity to spend an afternoon together participating in a scientific lab, a demonstration and exploring the exhibits.  Be sure to make your reservations early because these popular programs fill quickly!

Afternoon Science is structured similarly to Science Central’s STEM camps and Coding Club programs, with a drop-off and pick-up portion. Parents simply check in their student and then come back at the end of the program to sign out their student. Parents are no longer required to remain in the building for the program. Please make sure to read through the Program Policy and Frequently Asked Questions pages!

Ages: 5-16
Time: Check-in: 1:45 - 2 p.m.; Program: 2 - 3:15 p.m.;  Check-out: 3:15 - 3:30 p.m.
Program Cost:  $6/Student (Non-dissection Labs), $7/Student (Dissection Labs).

Special Notes:

  • All course registrations close the week before the Wednesday event at 10:00 AM.
  • Walk-ins on the day of the event will not be permitted. All course registrations close the week before the Wednesday event at 10:00 AM.
  • Programs will not be delayed for late arrivals.
  • Programs are subject to cancellation or change at Science Central's discretion. 


AstronomyWednesday, October 9th
“Solar System Science” Demonstration

Ages 5-8: Planets & Constellations
Ages 9-12: Impact Craters!
Ages 13-16: Solar Science

PhysicsWednesday, November 13th
“Amazing Air Pressure” Demonstration

Ages 5-8: Tower Power Lab
Ages 9-12: Newton Cars Lab
Ages 13-16: Visible Light Spectrum

ElectricityWednesday, December 11th
”Shocking Science” Demonstration

Ages 5-8: Electricity in a Snap Lab
Ages 9-12: Frog, Volts, and Vinegar
Ages 13-16: Just Add Water Lab

BiologyWednesday, January 8th  Filled, no openings
”Oh Bee Hive” Demonstration

Ages 5-8: Shark Dissection  Filled, no openings
Ages 9-12: Shark Dissection  Filled, no openings
Ages 13-16: Shark Dissection  Filled, no openings

ChemistryWednesday, February 12th
“Electrical Extravaganza”Demonstration

Ages 5-8: Slimeology  Filled, no openings
Ages 9-12: Chromatography Lab  Filled, no openings
Ages 13-16: Measure Up Lab

AnatomyWednesday, March 11th
”Body Matters” Demonstration

Ages 5-8: Liquid Explorations Filled, no openings
Ages 9-12: The Case of the Confused Chemist  Filled, no openings
Ages 13-16: Chemical Reactions

Nano ScienceWednesday, April 8th
Nano Science
"Good Vibrations" Demonstration

Ages 5-8: Thin Films  Filled, no openings
Ages 9-12: Nano Lab  Filled, no openings
Ages 13-16: DNA Lab

Notes: Programs are recommended for age groups based on the level of difficulty in content and developmental appropriateness. Please use discretion when registering your child for a program out of his or her age range. Programs are subject to cancellation or change at Science Central’s discretion.  Due to the popularity of some programs, Science Central sometimes needs to separate age groups into different classes.