Study Trips

Study Trips to Science Central are designed to meet Indiana Educational State Standards for each grade level. Our Study Trips combine hands-on programming with an exciting mix of labs, demonstrations and exhibits. Each targeted to meet the grade-specific Indiana Educational State Standards.  Educators have the ability to customize their visit to Science Central by booking a study trip with their choice of science topics.

We've made some changes to Study Trip programs.

Science Central has refined our programs so that we deliver the best program possible for your grade level and our staffing requirements. We have NEW Request Forms, and changes to some of our policies. Please look over all the information to see if these changes might effect your school group Study Trip.


The cost for 2018-2019 school year is as follows....

  • $5.00 Per Student (This is for 2 hours of floor explore time)

  • $5.00 Per Chaperone (NOT a employee of the school)

  • $0.00 Per Teacher (or any employee of the school)

  • $2.00 Additional Per Student for a DEMO (this adds one half hour of time to the 2 hours)

  • $3.00 Additional Per Student for a LAB (this adds one half hour of time to the 2 hours)

Chaperones do not need to cover the cost of demos of labs.

Study Trips are only available on Wednesday - Thursday - Friday

The earliest a Study Trip can be scheduled is 9:30 a.m.



Available Study Trip


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