Interactive Video Conferencing (IVC4U)

The IVC4U Outreach program provides hands-on programming in an exciting mix of demonstrations and labs beamed directly to your location! You choose the program, time that fits your needs.  Science Central offers traditional distance learning equipment, Facetime & Skype.  Concerned you don't have the technology?  Contact us.


IVC First Second Consecutive
Any Program $135 $95

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Science On a Sphere Demonstrations

Science Central is excited to announce the opening of our new exhibit, Science On a Sphere! This dynamic new exhibit was developed for weather and science research by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA).  Using cutting-edge computer technology and projectors, Science On a Sphere creates a fun and engaging learning experience for all grade levels. Your students will take a trip through space and explore the different worlds of our solar system; discover how scientists use satellites in different fields of study; travel with a great white shark on its 6,897 mile journey across the ocean. These experiences and so much more await you at Science Central’s Science On a Sphere.

Fiske Planetarium hi-res

Science On a Sphere Demonstrations

Science Adventure: The Solar System
Grades 2, 5, 6

What makes up a solar system? What does it take to be classified as a planet? Is the sun a star? Students will find the answers to these questions and more as they become honorary space explorers and travel through our solar system.

Science Standards: 2nd -2; 5th -2; 6th -2


Telemetry: Tracking the Ocean's Animals
Grades 1, 2, 4

How do biologists track animals as they travel? Watch a great white shark make a 6,897 mile migration across the ocean and watch the movements of other ocean predators in this unique view of marine animals on Science On a Sphere.

Science Standards:  2nd -2, 4; 3rd-1; 4th -2; 5th -1, 2


Water Falls: The Water Cycle
Grades 8

Water! It’s one of the things that makes our planet so unique. Students will explore how evaporation, transpiration, condensation, precipitation, and runoff play a part in moving water around our planet in the water cycle. This program is built around NASA’s Water Falls program.

Science Standards:  8th -2


Moon Phases Lab
Grades 2, 5

Ever wonder what a “Blue Moon” or “First Quarter Moon” means? Students will discover the answers as they become part of a solar system, learning about the moon and its phases using Science On a Sphere.

Science Standards: 2nd-2; 5th-5