Labs are hands-on interactive workshops designed to motivate groups to ask questions, solve problems and explore science concepts.  Led by trained staff, they are a great introduction or follow-up to a particular topic.


Discrepant Events and Surprising Phenomena
Grades 6-12

Some things that we experience are contrary to our expectations or habits of thinking and acting. These discrepant events are often the context for inquiry, for questioning assumptions, and for making new inferences. Let our educators lead you to new ways of thinking with this surprising program.

Program length: 30 minutes
Indiana Science Standards: The Nature of Science Standards

Explore, Engineer, & Experiment!
Grades 1-7

This engaging lab’s focus is on process skills. Students will formulate questions, identify variables, construct a project, test and repeat with an exciting hands-on activity that challenges your students. This lab makes a great introduction to the Science Fair.

Indiana Science Standards: Nature of Science and Design Process Skills

It's a Mystery!: A Process Skills Investigation
Grades K-8

Use the powers of observation, inference, and prediction, to determine what mysterious object is in the paper bag! Use each of your five senses to make predictions.

Indiana Science Standards: Process Standards, The Nature of Science Standards, K 1.1, 1.1

LEGO Robotics: Sensor Sensations
Grades: 3-8th

Exploring LEGO Robotics? Let us help you master NXT or EV3 robotic sensors including color, light, and touch sensors! This program can be used to help train coaches or the entire team to use the sensors associated with NXT or EV3 robots. Let Science Central guide you through the process of harnessing these tools for your robots.

Indiana Science Standards: Science Process Standard

Plant Survivor
Grades K-2

Seeds, plants and gardens - what do they require to be healthy and grow?  Become a “Plant Detective” and investigate how you can help plants be “Survivors!

Indiana Science Standards:  K - 1,3; 1st-3; 2nd-3

The Science of Guts
Grades K-2

In this interactive lab, students will learn the organs involved in the digestive system, understand how the parts work together to digest food, and have the opportunity to create their own diagram of guts.

Provider: Science Central
Program Length: 30-45 minutes
Indiana Science Standards: K – 1, 3; 1st – Process Skills; 2nd – Process Skills

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