Outreach (Science4U)

The Outreach (Science4U) program provides hands-on programming in an exciting mix of traveling labs, demonstrations, assemblies and festivals delivered directly to your location! You choose the program, time and place that fits your needs.

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Family Fun Fest

This self-guided festival can be a day or evening event. It is perfect for a science fair, carnival, parent night, or any other large group event. Each Family Fun Fest includes hands on, table-top activities covering 6-8 related topics. Participants explore these stations in a free-flow format, learning and having fun with peers and parents. A Science Central educator will bring all the materials to your location and train your volunteers to run the activities. You provide the tables, volunteers, and participants, and Science Central will provide the rest!

** Educators: A station rotation schedule is not recommended for this program. See Explorations Stations for more structured table-top events.


Two Hours Additional Consecutive Hours
$600 $200



Body Matters

Grades K-6
Get the inside story at this Family Fun Fest. Explore the world of the human body, and find out what your bones look like, make an edible model of DNA, and test your lung capacity. It’s all about you - inside and out.

Space Quest (formerly Engineering In Space)

Grades K-6
Take a trip through the solar system and see how “central” our sun is!  Visitors will observe the orbits of the planets, our earth, and the moon, and how that moon’s orbit causes its phases.  Visitors will also learn about the order of the solar system, and even have a chance to discover more about life as an astronaut.  It will be an out-of-this-world experience.

Go Figure!

Grades K-6
What do you get when you cross science AND math? Fun...go figure! Blow giant table bubbles that you can measure. Make an endless circle with just 6 inches of paper. Try your hand at the estimation table; give it your best guess.

Science In Motion

Grades K-6
Have a great time creating motion with chemistry and physics. Blow up a balloon with the power of chemistry; balance a paper clown on one finger, or even your nose. Create two color polymers and watch as the colors collide and combine. Levitate magnets, move cars mysteriously and manipulate magnetic motion.

Science Rocks!

Grades K-6
You will “dig” this Family Fun Fest as you delve into Indiana’s geology. Why is Indiana so flat? We will recreate in one evening what happened over a very long period of time. Dig into Indiana’s past and discover the sea animals that used to live here. Heat, pressure, and time are the primary ingredients for metamorphic rock, and you will make a rock model of your own.

Wild Weather

Grades K-6
Rain or shine, families will have fun exploring wild changing weather. Make an edible model of three types of clouds. Learn about measuring the weather when you make a paper thermometer, weather vane and wind meter. Make a water cycle bracelet, with each bead representing a different process in the water cycle.

For more information or to register, contact 260-424-2400, Ext. 417.