Demonstrations are exciting, entertaining and educational audience participation sessions (30 minutes) designed to peak curiosity about a particular topic. Concepts are modified appropriately for age and audience.



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Amazing Air Pressure
Grades K - 6

This demonstration is designed to reveal all the ways pressure, specifically air pressure, influences everything around us. Very cool phenomena and hands-on experiments encourage students to ask questions and think about the influence of our atmosphere on our lives in new ways.


Body Matters
Grades K - 4

What is 7-feet tall, topped with blue, and has a lot of guts? Stuffee!!! This oversized doll comes apart to help kids of all ages unlock learning about the digestive and respiratory systems. Let our skilled demonstrator lead your group through both systems as group members pull out and reassemble the parts.


Electrical Extravaganza
Grades 4 - 8

This demonstration will generate electrical awe as students see bolts of energy, hear electricity converted to sounds and sometimes feel the heat as energy is converted from moving electrons to a spectacular show. Science concepts include conductors and insulators and energy conversion.


Good Vibrations
Grades K - 4

Sound has never been this exciting! Students will vibrate with excitement as we use our five senses to delve deeper into the movement of sound through different states of matter. We will see and hear concrete examples of how sound travels, the components of sound waves, compression and rarefaction waves and pitch. As guest performers in our Science Central band, student volunteers will use their new knowledge of sound to play a finale for the crowd!


What’s The Matter
Grades K - 8

Liquid nitrogen is always a smash hit, and we present this demonstration with lots of shockingly cool phenomena for the students! Younger students are exposed to concepts of very low temperatures and their effects on materials around them. Intermediate and older students are walked through a different set of activities with liquid nitrogen, with the emphasis on changing states of matter, down to the molecular level.


Shocking Science
Grades 1 - 6

Join in on a hair-raising set of static electricity-related activities that are fun for all ages! This demonstration gives students first-hand experience with some of the subtleties of static and non-static electricity, and addresses electrons, protons, voltage and current with students on an age-appropriate basis.


Experimenting, the Process
Grades 1 - 6

This is an excellent kick-off assembly for Science Fair season. Our goofy science professor will walk your group through the Scientific Method by demonstrating an explosive (but safe) project. Guaranteed to boost science fair enthusiasm!


Wild Weather
Grades K - 4

Explore the science of meteorology with plenty of flash and bang. Watch out! We’ll be creating our own mini weather, including a cloud and a tornado, all at your location.

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