Outreach (Science4U)

The Outreach (Science4U) program provides hands-on programming in an exciting mix of traveling labs, demonstrations, assemblies and festivals delivered directly to your location! You choose the program, time and place that fits your needs.

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1 Glove Box with Kids resizeExhibits4U

These portable, space-related exhibits allow your site to be converted into a base for science exploration. 10-12 interactive exhibits, designed and built by San Francisco's famed Exploratorium, are guaranteed to inspire minds from ages 2-102 as they discover astronomy, space travel, and so much more. Outreach to Space exhibits are ideal for fairs, festivals, libraries, gymnasiums, and many other community-based events.




  One Day
Extra Day
3-5 Exhibits $250 $150
6-10 Exhibits $500 $200
Tent Rental $250 $10


Mileage Fee (Round Trip)

 30-60  Miles $40
 60-120 Miles $80
120-180 Miles $125
180-220 Miles $160