Afterschool Enrichment

Science Central offers hands-on science-based workshops for after-school programs. Each session is geared toward the participants' age level and needs. Workshops are led by two qualified and experienced staff for up to 32 participants for a one-hour session.


Afterschool Enrichment Price for First Session Price for Consecutive Session
Standard Enrichment $175 $150
Dissection - Shark or Squids $225 $150
Dissection - Frog $200 $135
Dissection - Inverts $180 $110


Standard Enrichment

All About Animal Camouflage
Exploring Colors
Electricity in a Snap
Engineering, The Process
Moon Phases
Newton Cars
Rock Detective
Science of Structures
Teeth as Tools
Winter Weather

Dissection Enrichment

Dissecting Frogs
Dissecting Sharks
Dissecting Squids
Dissecting Grasshoppers
Dissecting Crayfish
Dissecting Earthworms
Investigating Owl Pellets

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