Science On a Sphere

SOS1Imagine walking into a brand new exhibit gallery at Science Central and seeing a six-foot diameter sphere of the Earth. The sphere appears to be floating in mid-air, and even rotating on its axis!

You can see oceans and continents in their actual colors, just as our planet appears from outer space.  Tropical rain forests along the equator are dark green, mid-latitude deserts are light tan, and deep ocean waters are a dark blue.

Suddenly, at the flip of a button, the sphere shows the currents of the oceans in motion, or captures all of the Earth’s current storm systems in real-time!  Another press of the button and the sphere looks like the Moon, Jupiter or even Mars.

This amazing, cutting-edge technology is known as Science On a Sphere, and it was invented by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), as a research tool to understand earth and space systems in a three-dimensional format.  This technology is now available for science centers like Science Central to use to educate our visitors.

Science Central's Science On a Sphere installation will be the first in Indiana, and one of only about 80 in existence around the world. This new exhbit, when it launches, will provide incredible opportunities to educate our region’s students, teachers, and families with cutting-edge technology and real-world applications of science!




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