Study Trips

Study Trips to Science Central are designed to meet Indiana Educational State Standards for each grade level. Our Study Trips combine hands-on programming with an exciting mix of labs, demonstrations and exhibits. Each targeted to meet the grade-specific Indiana Educational State Standards.  Educators have the ability to customize their visit to Science Central by booking a study trip with their choice of science topics.

2ForU Study Trips

Thank you for your interest in the 2ForU program! 2ForU is an easy way for you to schedule two great field trip sites in one day for standards aligned education!  Fill out one easy form to request dates that will work for your schedule.  The two venues will finalize the date and time details.  They will contact you to confirm.

Science Central and McMillen Health discount their fees for 2ForU bookings.

Available:  2016 - 2017 Schoolyear
Eligible Grades:  All
Eligible Schools:  All
Cost:  Varies by venue
Limits: None

2ForU Participating Venues1