High School Intern Program

Gain The Skills You Need To Start Your Career!

What Internships Can Do For You:
Highlight future STEM careers. Jump start on career searching. Network with in field of interest. Move college or job application ahead of peers by showing prior work experienceand dedication.

Learn Vital Career Skills: 

• Public speaking
• Time management
• Project development
• Problem solving
• Self-assessment
• Task/Goal oriented behaviors

Practice Career Success Skills:

• Dressing professionally (Uniform Provided)
• Reporting to work and workstations on time
• Cooperating with coworkers
• Accepting constructive criticism
• Successfully finishing a task

What You Will Do In Our Program:

Guide your own growth in your field of interest through student driven projects.
Create a dialogue with local scientists and STEM professionals.
Learn how to function well in a professional setting.
Explore the ins and outs of Science Central Operations.
Perform hand-on demonstrations with museum visitors.
Travel to local STEM businesses and get an in-depth look into fields that interest you.
Be mentored for job readiness and college preparation by Science Central.
Craft friendships in relaxed afterschool environment.


• Current high school student
• Be able to attend Wednesday evenings and two Saturdays a month
• Attend other Science Central special events throughout the year
• Your attendance must remain in good-standing

What is Professional Development?

Professional development is key to finding success in this competitive job market. Mentoring, career progression, learning new technologles, leadership skills, task skills, and improving typical business etiquette are all things Professional Development tackles.

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Lunch available on Saturdays.

Award incentives available.