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Located in the historic former City Light and Power building, built in 1929, Science Central is the region’s only interactive science center. Our colorful and interesting building is the perfect backdrop for intimate gatherings, family reunions, professional meetings, receptions, or large galas. An event at Science Central will create memories your guests will talk about for years!

Our professional staff is here to ensure that you have a perfect event. You’ll have access to plenty of free parking, event staffing, catering, tables and chairs, A/V equipment, and fun exhibits.

Plan your next event amidst the ambiance of local history and innovation at Science Central, Fort Wayne's most unique event space!


Science On a Sphere Rental!

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Area: Area Capacity: Per Hour Rate:  
All of Science Central 500+ $400.00 Includes SOS
Top Level 300+ $300.00 Includes SOS
Lower Level 200 $250.00 Includes cafeteria
Science On a Sphere (SOS) 65 $200.00 Includes AEP Foundation Theater Only
Cafeteria 80 $150.00  
Lobby Classroom 40 $150.00  
Lower-Level Classroom 40 $125.00  


Rates include:

• Set-up time before and tear-down time after your event.FlamingDrink Gala
• Trash clean-up
• An Event Coordinator from our staff
• Staff to present fun programs and exhibit interpretation
• Gift Store
• Available equipment (may be subject to deposit)

Set-up times for your event will vary, based upon the event itself and on other activities within the building that day.  Our Event Coordinator will work with you to ensure that your event needs are met.  Law enforcement officers (one per each 100 guests) are required for events where alcohol will be served.  Their rate is $25 per hour per officer.  Science Central will coordinate scheduling and payments to the officer(s) for you.  This cost will be added to your event fee.

Science Central has some basic rental supplies (tables, chairs, audio-visual equipment) that may be used at no charge, based upon availability.  A $100 deposit is required for A/V equipment.  Full deposit will be returned, approximately two weeks after the event, barring any A/V damages.

Our staff will assist with A/V equipment operations at no additional charge.  We cannot guarantee that our equipment will meet your needs, and recommend that you preview everything at Science Central before the day of your event.  We can provide contact information for more specialized furniture, decorations, or equipment requirements.  Lower Level and All Building Rentals will include use of the Demonstration Theater and the Cafeteria, and might include the Classroom and the Traveling Exhibitions Gallery.  The Traveling Exhibitions Gallery is a flexible space, and may be available to you either filled with exhibits (based on exhibit schedules) or empty for banquets or receptions.  However, due to the changing use of that room, the Temporary Exhibitions Gallery may not be available for every Lower Level Rental or All Building Rental.ChefsAtTable Gala