Winter Break Hours Change

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Winter Break STEM Camp 2017-18front cover

Science is COOL at Science Central Winter Camp!  Don't spend Winter Break on the couch - spend it having hands-on fun at Science Central's Winter Science Camp!  Check out your camp favorites!

Special Notes:

  • Walk-ins will not be permitted on the day of the event.

Ages 5-11: Full-Day

Time: Check-in (8:30-9:00am), Program (9:00-4:00pm)

Cost:  $30/Non-Member, $25/Deluxe or Basic Member.




winterwonderDecember 26 Tuesday - Winter Wonderland

Celebrate snow and ice as you explore the science of snowflakes and icicles from inside our warm facility. Create colder-than-ice liquid nitrogen ice cream, investigate dry ice and explore the world of arctic animals!  


sleuth finger printDecember 27, Wednesday - Science Sleuths

There’s been a crime at Science Central, and we need YOU to solve it! Go undercover, crack secret codes and encrypted messages, make invisible ink, extract your own DNA, and use your crime solving skills to unravel a twisted mystery!  



kitchensDecember 28, Thursday - Kitchen Chemistry!web Notinbook2017 18

Get your mixing bowls and oven mitts ready for some culinary creations.  Science takes center stage as you discover how mixing ingredients, adding heat, and chemistry all come together to make delicious dishes. Learn about our sense of taste while creating recipes designed to make your taste buds go wild! 


explosiveDecember 29, Friday - Explosive Experiments

Bang! Pop! Kablam! BOOM! Get ready to ring in the new year with the noisiest, most explosive science experiments! Don’t worry, we’ll provide the protective gear!


cave spider

January 2, Tuesday - Creepy, Crawly Critters!

Do you like spiders, snakes, and bees? Well you’re in luck, because Science Central has all of these! Investigate honey’s amazing properties and what tarantulas have in common with your pet cat! Get up-close and personal with all our Swap Shop critters.  

circus wheelJanuary 3, Wednesday - STEM Circus

How do they do that?  You’ll find out as we explore the fun of physics with our good friend Isaac Newton.  You might not fly through the air with the greatest of ease, but you’ll float, balance and spin your way to a great time!


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