Summer Camp


Q What will campers do during camp?
A Campers will experience hands-on science through classroom activities, demonstrations, experiments and floor exploration. Activities are age-appropriate.
Q What is the child to adult ratio?

Ages 3-5 have a ratio of 6 children to 1 adult at camp.

Ages 5-11 have a ratio of 8 children to 1 adult.

Ages 10-13 have a ratio of 9 children to 1 adult.

Q What are drop-off and pick-up policies?
A An adult must come into the building to drop-off and pick-up campers each day. Only authorized adults, as specified on the EMA form, may sign a child out of camp.
Q Will campers leave the building?
A Certain camp activities may take the campers outside the building into our front courtyard or into Lawton Park. They will always be escorted by and under the supervision of our camp counselors.
Q When and what do campers eat?
A Science Central provides one snack in the morning and one snack in the afternoon.  Campers must bring their own lunch to camp. If your child has any special dietary restrictions, please make sure to notify us of the restriction on the medical form.


All programs are subject to change at Science Central's discretion.