Outreach (Science4U)

The Outreach (Science4U) program provides hands-on programming in an exciting mix of traveling labs, demonstrations, assemblies and festivals delivered directly to your location! You choose the program, time and place that fits your needs.


Let Science Central bring a planetarium to your school or special event! The Starlab is a portable teaching environment that can be brought right into your classroom. Science Central will bring a digital projection system, which includes a handicapped-accessible inflatable dome, computer and projector. The program is guided by a Science Central educator and is approximately 30 minutes in length.



One Program (up to 25 students) $140
Additional Consecutive Programs $100 / program


StarLab Program List

Digital StarLab

Night and Day (K-4)
Going Through a Phase-Moon (K-4)
Location, Location, Location - Finding Your Way Around The Sky (K-4)
Myths Around The World - Constellations and Star Lore (K-4)
Seasonal Change (5-8)
Now You See It, Now You Don’t - Solar and Lunar Eclipses (5-8)
Welcome To The Neighborhood - An Overview of the Solar System (5-8)
Moving Out - Motions of the Planets (5-8)
Meteors, Asteroids and Comets (5-8)
A Calendar in the Stars - Seasonal Constellations (9-12)
Star Light, Star Bright - The Properties and Life Cycles of Stars (9-12)
Our Little Island - The Milky Way Galaxy (9-12)
Seasonal Stargazing Movie (3-8)